Sorry no more Bonfires

Please do not burn rubbish on the allotment site. Besides the risk of the fire spreading during this very dry period, smoke can be a real nuisance to those living in the area, particularly if they have respiratory problems. If you do have an abundance of green waste take it to Redbridge.

The change of policy was passed at the 2023 AGM.

This link is to the City Council’s guidelines for burning rubbish and you will see that the OCC’s preference for green waste is to have it composted.

Allotments & Covid

Though the rules regarding Covid have been relaxed in England please use common sense when visiting the the allotments. Also, the NAS provide useful information that can be seen here

  • It is advisable hat you wear gloves at all times, particularly when opening the gate and shed locks and using communal equipment.
  • Please sanitise the protective equipment, before and after use.

Most importantly, let us know if for some reason you cannot tend your plot.