Allotments & Covid

Though things are changing, please adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the the allotments. Also, the NAS provide useful information that can be seen here

  • Wear gloves at all times, including when opening the gate and shed locks. This applies to the taps.
  • Maintain a safe distance at all times. There should be only one person in the shed or poly-tunnel at one time.
  • The communal tools have not been cleaned. 
  • This applies to the protective equipment, so perhaps for now avoid using the strimmer.

Most importantly, let us know if for some reason you cannot tend your plot. Hopefully we should be able to arrange for a plot neighbour to water it. You can sort the weeds out when the all clear has been given.

Keeping Up Appearances

Although working parties have been suspended until further notice, there are things that you can help with:

  • No promises that we can do anything, do let the committee know if you have any concerns about working your plot due to Covid-19. 
  • Cutting the grass by the notice board
  • Defensive planting along the fence line, using the shrubs healed in by the area adjacent to the bee/bug hotel. Plant alternate shrubs (blackthorn, hawthorn and buckthorn) spaced at 5 plants per metre.
  • Widen the opening of the wood-chip pen by about 0.5 metre.
  • Help with the “wild garden adjacent to the orchard*

*  The Committee will connect you with the lead on this.

  • Improve the drainage of the bath adjacent to the wild garden. This to enable it to be of more use as an herb garden.
  • Help refurbish the poly tunnel parallel to Meadow lane.

2020 AGM Postponed

It has been decided to postpone the AGM scheduled for Thursday 19 March until further notice. You will appreciate that because of the  uncertainty caused by Covid-19 we have no idea when or where. Needless to say we will update you as and when we can. In the meantime:

  • We are expecting that the trip to the Highgrove House Gardens (28th June 2020) to go ahead. So, if you haven’t done so, please sign up.
  • No promises that we can do anything, do let the committee know if you have any concerns about working your plot due to Covid-19. 

2020 AGM

Just a reminder that the Fairacres Road Allotment Association 2020 AGM will be held at the Gladiator Club, corner of Iffley Road/Percy Street. Thursday 19th March. If a member, you should have received an email with the agenda and other documents. If you haven’t, either message us or drop us an email at:

Following on from the AGM will be a short talk (with film show) by an expert in Agriculture and Forest Sciences called Carbon 85. It is an expansion of the no-dig philosophy being increasingly used on allotments.

22 Feb Working Party Update

Despite the wind and rain that greeted me at 7 am and after being frustrated for two consecutive weekends, firstly by Storm Ciara then Storm Dennis, I am happy to say that the 22nd February work party was a great success, due to the efforts of all involved. Particular thanks to Niki Sporrong, who bought over 150 bare-root bushes for defensive planting, and David Morris who organised the pruners. That said, their efforts would have been in vain but for the 15 plus folk who turned up to put their backs into it.

Thank you all