allotment drawing 1
Thanks to Polly Woolstone and her Drawing group. More pics on the Facebook page

Welcome to the Fairacres Road Allotments Association website.

The allotments are located at the end of Fairacres Road, Oxford, in a tranquil area next to the Kidneys Nature Reserve, near Aston’s Eyot, and close to the River Thames. They can be approached by foot from Meadow Lane either via Donnington Bridge Road, or Iffley Road and Jackdaw Lane.

The allotment site comprises~90 plots of various sizes, the largest being 5 Poles. Allotments are rented on an annual basis. The allotment site includes an orchard and two polytunnels for use by members. The site is owned by Oxford City Council and is managed by the Fairacres Road Allotment Committee.

Website Update – October 2019 

Since this website was transferred from its’ old location most of the revisions have been  completed: check out the wildlife page! There are still one or two items to be added, and if you spot anything that could be improved please let us know via the email below, or leave a note on or near the notice board.

And while we’re talking about content, any of you allotment holders out there who have photos, gardening tips, recipes, links to useful websites or online resources, please let us know and we can add them here.

fairacresallotments gmail.com

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