Allotments = exercise

In case you didn’t know this, it has been confirmed by the government on TV that managing an allotment is considered a form of exercise. Also, the NAS has updated their website along the same lines- more here.  However, there are some things to consider when visiting the site.

  • Wear gloves at all times, including when opening the gate and shed locks. This applies to the taps.
  • Maintain a safe distance at all times. There should be only one person in the shed or poly-tunnel at one time.
  • The communal tools have not been cleaned. 
  • This applies to the protective equipment, so perhaps for now avoid using the strimmer.

Most importantly, let us know if for some reason you cannot tend your plot. Hopefully we should be able to arrange for a plot neighbour to water it. You can sort the weeds out when the all clear has been given. That said, rain is expected this week-end. 

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